Almost £2 Million lent in Quarter 1

A record breaking start to 2015 with over £1.7 million lent to businesses across South Yorkshire and the North Midlands in the first quarter of 2015, following the £5 million previously lent during 2014.

These are loans made to businesses which have found it difficult, or in most cases impossible, to access vital funding from mainstream sources. This funding provides significant impact in the individual businesses supported and consequently, on the local economy. In the first quarter alone, FFE loans have helped in the creation of more than 100 jobs and safeguarded a similar number.

“This is a fantastic start to the year and our increased productivity in the Region is clearly confirming the demand for loan finance. This level of demand also confirms the improved confidence within the business community and we hope this year will be a year to remember”, said Arthur Foreman, Managing Director.

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