Helping businesses to overcome the challenges posed by Covid-19

The past twelve months have forced many businesses to adapt and evolve as the responded to the challenges posed by successive national and regional lockdowns. During this time the Finance For Enterprise has worked to tirelessly to support business owners at the times when they are needed most.

When we think about Social Impact it can be easy to view this simply in economic terms. However, what those figures perhaps don’t illustrate is the considerable efforts made by so many business owners to adapt, evolve and innovate. In the twelve months to 31st March 2021, Finance For Enterprise invested more than £15 million in local businesses, adding over £80.4 million of value to the region’s economy.

Supporting all kinds of enterprises, from innovative start-ups to SMEs planning for growth, the net result of the funds we have provided has seen an average of £4.60 generated in the economy for every pound we have invested in new start businesses and £5.40 for each pound loaned to established SMEs.

Our recently published social impact report, which assesses the broader societal benefits generated as a result of the loans we have provided, has contributed to the creation and safeguarding of 1276. At the same time, through our work as a delivery partner with Start Up Loans, we have helped 69 new entrepreneurs to secure the funds needed to embark upon their own business journey.

Finance For Enterprise is a responsible and ethical lender committed to supporting businesses which struggle to source capital from traditional high street lenders. This has resulted in more than £235 million of value added to the regional economy in the last five years.

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