Waste and Recycling firm eyeing growth following support from Finance For Enterprise

Modus Waste & Finance For Enterprise

West Midlands based, Modus Waste & Recycling is eyeing further business growth thanks to financial support from Finance For Enterprise.

Modus Waste & Recycling provides food waste and recycling collection services to Hospitality, Care and Education sector businesses in the West Midlands.

To date, the firm has enjoyed moderate success but demand for their services has significantly increased following the announcement of changes to The Environment Act 2021, whereby every enterprise / organisation in England will be required to separate food waste and recycling and present them for collection by March 2025.

Working with Business Lending Manager Jeremy Meadowcroft, Finance For Enterprise helped the business to successfully secure a loan to invest and grow.

Modus Waste Recycling plans to utilise the funds acquired through the loan to enhance internal systems and processes, thereby leveraging incoming legislative changes. Additionally, these funds will facilitate the creation of three new positions within the company over the next twelve months.

Modus Waste & Recycling Owner, Oliver Lloyd said “Finance For Enterprise has been excellent, Jeremy provided a very relationship-based approach which was received well. This will help to facilitate our growth, allowing us to accelerate our business, which helps drive Net Zero goals to our clients”.

Adding he said, “The increasingly regulatory environment makes this pending Environment Act requirement mandatory within the next 12 months and with the help of these funds, Modus will be perfectly placed, established and positioned to meet this demand.”

Finance For Enterprise, Business Lending Manager, Jeremy Meadowcroft added “As soon as I met Oliver, I could see his passion and drive to grow this business, having founded Modus Waste & Recycling on a sound environmental, ethical, and truly green directive. Talking with Oliver, it was clear to see how helping him to grow his business was a great opportunity and working together, we quickly found the solution he required. He and his team are delivering a Carbon Zero solution to a wide variety of commercial, educational, hospitality sector organisations that can now meet their obligatory, as well as ethical requirements to re-circulate their waste back into a truly circular economy waste solution”.

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